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Ziebell Water Service Products, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have opened our second location in Orland Park, IL.  This new location will provide additional area coverage for new and existing customers.  This new location will stock the same great products, as our Elk Grove Village location.

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Does Your municipality still have the Traverse City Fire Hydrant in its system? If it does, we are your source for the parts necessary to keep your fire hydrants on line.

Ziebell Water Service Products, Inc. is an authorized and fully stocking distributor of TCIW hydrant parts. We stock everything from the seat to the operating nut, and all parts in between, including stems.




Get a GRIP On Your Fire Hydrant Installation and Safety

We've just changed the procedures required for hydrant and valve box installation and maintenance forever! Our new HYDRANT AND VALVE BOX GRIP is a revolutionary product designed to provide maximum stability assuring proper fire hydrant and auxiliary valve box installation and valve key operation...the first time. The GRIP eliminates annoying valve key adjustment problems and reduces unnecessary, expensive punch list repairs. It can even help minimize disturbance of the existing landscaping, pavement and restoration.
  • Eliminates Valve Box Movement
  • Insures Proper Valve Keying
  • Improves Safety Conditions
  • Lightweight & Durable
  • Available in Two Models
  • Economical & Affordable
  • Reduces Installation Time
  • Adjustable Up to 36" Wide

The GRIP also offers a real breakthrough in installation safety! When properly installed, the need for an individual to stand in the hole and hold the auxiliary valve box in place during the backfilling operation is totally eliminated. Upon completion, the final results not only look better, but insure the proper alignment of the valve box for trouble-free key insertion and operation.

Hydrant and Valve Box GRIP

Hydrant and Valve Box Grip Reduces Hazardous Situations
Using conventional installation methods, the individual standing in the evacuated area is subject to a variety of injuries from slipping, backfill materials or collapsing of the walls. After the GRIP is correctly installed, the individual can safely stand aboveground and supervise the backfill operation.
Hydrant and Valve Box Grip Insures Proper Operation
Even the most careful installations cannot insure or guarantee a perfect operation every time. But with the GRIP, you can greatly reduce the odds of valve key misalignment problems due to improper installation or ground shifting.

Simple Installation
Consisting of only minimal components, the GRIP can be installed quickly and easily, without the use of any tools. Just position either of the GRIPS around the hydrant and valve box and hand tighten the wingnuts on the threaded rods. That's it for a permanent, reliable fit.
GRIP installation