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Fire Hydrants

American flow Control- Waterous

Mueller Company

US Pipe

Fire Hydrant Parts & Accessories

American flow Control- Waterous

Mueller Company

Traverse City Iron Works (TCIW)

US Pipe


American flow Control- Waterous

Mueller Company

Henry Pratt Company


Ductile Iron Pipe- US Pipe

PVC Pipe

-Pressure-Sewer-Sch. 40


Ductile Iron (Tyler Pipe)

Compact and Full Body

Options- Mechanical Joint and Flanged

PVC Fittings

-Pressure-Sewer-Sch. 40

Mega Lugs

MJ Gaskets

T- Head Bolt and Nuts

Flange Accessories

Brass Service Products

-Mueller Company

-Ford Meter Box

Corp Stops

Curb Stops

Coupling and Service Fittings

Lead Packs

Buffalo Boxes & Accessories

WM Repair Products

Smith Blair

Ford Meter Box

Total Piping Solutions

S.S. Repair Clamps

S.S. Tapping Sleeves

Transitions Couplings

Tools & Equipment

Diamond Saw Blades


Valve Keys

Shut Off Keys

Pipe Wrenches

Pipe Scrapers

Magnetic Locators

Tapping Machine & Parts

Fluorescent Dye

Hydraulic Cement

Flaring Tools

Rounding Tools

Watermain Wrenches

Copper Tube Cutters

Tile Probes

Marking Paint

Hydra-Eze- Anti Sieze Compound

and more.